{ Before and After } - emma-frost-jackslittlesister

Sigh. Another day, another offer to skate on the lake, another offer shot down. Jack swung his staff over his shoulder, making his way towards his favorite spot. Really, why was Emma so adamant about not skating on the lake? Okay, it had risks to it, but her big brother was right there! Nothing bad would happen to her! He wouldn’t allow it.

Arriving at the lake, the brunette allowed a small smile to fall onto his face. No, he wouldn’t think about being out here alone. Just imagine that someone is with him and skate and enjoy yourself. Gently stepping onto the ice, Jack made way for the center. His staff dragged along behind him, making small noises as it lightly hit the ice. 

With that, he began skating in a spiral, slowly moving towards safe ground. His eyes were closed, which made the whole routine riskier, but Jack didn’t mind. He was coordinated enough to make it without crashing or running into someone. But hey, no one was with him, right?